28 Feb 2021

What’s new
  • Public building owners can now request a special link that allows users to access their building.
  • Improved the UI for management screens.
  • Configurable web-hooks for integration of reservation data with external systems.
  • Configurable auto-cancel function for users that have not checked in.
  • Configurable reminder function for users that have not checked in.
  • Mobile UI improvements:
    • Regular dropdown for floors and better alignment of items
    • Moved legend down
  • Reduced load time in browser.
  • My reservations searchable and sortable.
  • Additional no-show management reports for check-in / check-out.
Bug fixes
  • Security upgrades
  • Occasionally users could accidentally make a reservation with an end-datetime in the past; fixed.
  • Fixed-desk user-details were sometimes not shown in management screens; fixed.
  • Custom help link was not picked up on first page load; fixed.

6 Feb 2021

What’s new
  • Email confirmations can now have a ‘From’ name instead of the email address
  • Timeslot hints for customers that want to stagger entry times to a building
  • Coordinators can now check in on users behalf
  • Minor UI improvements to the map:
    • non-reservable desks now include a hover text
    • regular users first and last name now shown instead of only email
Bug fixes
  • Security upgrades

4 Feb 2021

What’s new
  • Improvement to administration screen
Bug fixes
  • Bugfix for ‘departmental daily budget’ policy
  • Security upgrades