What’s new

  1. Custom support email for users that are not assigned to a building yet; contact Okku support to set up.
  2. Reservation subject and guests, if enabled can be edited by end users until the reservation has started
  3. Small UI improvements to the datepicker (next and previous buttons)
  4. Added keyboard support in the timepicker for users without a scroll wheel or trackpad.
  5. Improved Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 Calendar integration
  6. Users can be automatically removed if they do not log in for a number of days


  1. Legacy QR codes fixed
  2. Guests do not count towards totals in reservation policies
  3. Disabling the checkboxes in the policy settings screen now sets any associated values to 0
  4. Improved the download size and performance of the web-client
  5. Fixed issues when saving planned absences
  6. Security updates