12 June 2022


  • QR code based checkin failed on the first attempt with version 0.6.0: fixed.

11 June 2022

What’s new

  • Car parking and other customers options can now be added to reservations and email templates
  • Users can now also check-in to a building without a reservation so you can keep track of travel allowances
  • When popup texts are dismissed, they are only shown again if the contents changes
  • Admins can disable the mobile confirmation page (for social distancing)
  • My reservations and my colleagues screens can be filtered by date
  • If the building only has one floor, the floors dropdown is not displayed.


  • Broken magic link for access to buildings is fixed
  • Bug in insights->reservations->export exporting incorrect column values is fixed
  • Guest reservation template {{ user.name }} values did not show the guest name: fixed
  • Cancelled by user template could not be deactivated: fixed
  • Google and Exchange synchronisation issues when a reservation is changed: fixed