1 nov 2022

What’s new

Minor User interface improvements:

  • Fixed desks were added to the ‘find my colleagues’ screens
  • “my reservations” now includes a history of reservations
  • Reservation subject added to insights->reservations
  • Reservation subject is added to the map / list views for end users (where enabled)
  • Language is now initially set using the browser language
  • The selected floor is remembered when switching screens
  • Dutch translation improvements


  • Fixes to the timepicker arrows and automatic time selection.
  • MS Outlook synchronisation issues fixed.
  • Customer coordinators could not edit desk and room attributes: fixed
  • User search issues in Manage->Users fixed
  • User import took a while to show up in the list of users: fixed
  • Logout did not lead to the configured identity provider: fixed
  • Asset reservation is not sent to asset email address: fixed
  • Security updates