Artikelen door Robin

Okku 0.7.5

1 nov 2022 What’s new Minor User interface improvements: Fixed desks were added to the ‘find my colleagues’ screens “my reservations” now includes a history of reservations Reservation subject added to insights->reservations Reservation subject is added to the map / list views for end users (where enabled) Language is now initially set using the browser […]

Okku 0.7.4

9 sept 2022 What’s new Improved email template editor Improved reports for reservable custom assets (lunches, parking spaces etc) A number of reservable assets can now be specified for reservations. For example 2 parking spaces for a meeting. Outlook synchronisation includes an MS teams link Reservation emails can now automatically include an iCal calendar file. […]

Okku 0.7.2

3 August 2022 W Bugfixes: Repeating outlook reservations that were synced to Okku could sometimes cause error emails to be sent: fixed

Okku 0.7.0

23 July 2022 What’s new Admin’s can now bulk upload new users Reservable asset screens for facility managers Bugfixes Time picker fixes Security fixes

Okku 0.6.1

12 June 2022 Bugfixes QR code based checkin failed on the first attempt with version 0.6.0: fixed.

Okku 0.6.0

11 June 2022 What’s new Car parking and other customers options can now be added to reservations and email templates Users can now also check-in to a building without a reservation so you can keep track of travel allowances When popup texts are dismissed, they are only shown again if the contents changes Admins can […]

Okku 0.5.4

19 May 2022 Bugfixes Admin could no longer bypass policies when reserving for others: fixed Passed reservations were counted towards the daily maximum: fixed Security updates

Okku 0.5.3

17 May 2022 (0.5.2 was rolled back after a bug with some customer subdomains was discovered) What’s new Feedback button Bugfixes Assigning fixed users to desks was broken; fixed Employee number had disappeared from insights report; fixed Performance improvements in main reservation screen Security fixes

Okku 0.5.1

29-April-2022 What’s new Custom support email for users that are not assigned to a building yet; contact Okku support to set up. Reservation subject and guests, if enabled can be edited by end users until the reservation has started Small UI improvements to the datepicker (next and previous buttons) Added keyboard support in the timepicker […]

Okku 0.5.0

30 March 2022 What’s new Improved sensor reports Reservation subject can now be added to confirmation emails Improved error messages when policy limits are exceeded Improved admin screens for timeslots Option to remove inactive users Bugfixes Stability and performance fixes Security updates