Artikelen door Robin

OKKU 0.3.6

17 January 2022 What’s new Popular reports were improved and folded into the main system: Monthly and weekly user summaries and no-show reports Availability, Reservations, Cancellation reports Improved sensor data and climate exception reports Rooms and/or desks can now have reservation subjects Admins can see past reservations to assist in lost property New ‘Today’ screen […]

OKKU 0.2.11

09-dec-2021 Bug fixes Patched an open source component for which a zero day exploit was found yesterday.

OKKU 0.2.10

29-nov-2021 What’s new New Team-lead role that can reserve on behalf of others. User-management: Admins can now update Team-lead, Coordinators and Insights roles. Admins can now remove users entirely from the system to fix single-sign on conflicts. New email templates: no-show-reminder and no-show-cancelled-by-system Users can invite a guest for a desk reservation or multiple guests […]

OKKU 0.2.4

06-nov-2021 What’s new Google Calendar Integration Microsoft Outlook 365 Integration Improvements to Integration with Nedap Aeos Removed support for TLS version < 1.2 Bug fixes Security updates for Single Sign On. Firewall changes

OKKU 0.16.4

29-Aug-2021 What’s new New reservation policy to restrict the duration of a reservation for organisations that do not use timeslots. Spanish and French language support Bug fixes Fixed a bug where adding a userpool-restriction made rooms unreservable Fixed a bug where the manage->fixed users->select user->planned absences screen did not show any data. Fixed a bug […]

OKKU 0.16.2

09-Aug-2021 What’s new New email template screen for admins. New email template for reservation reminders. Users can now belong to multiple user-pools. Admins can restrict floors to users that have specific department or group attributes. User interface improvements to the floor management screen and ‘invite guests’ dialog. Cancelling a reservation immediately updates other users map […]

OKKU 0.15.2

25-June-2021 Bug fixes Stability improvements. A malevolent user managed to crash the server; fixed Security updates.

OKKU 0.15.1

21-June-2021 Bug fixes Fixed a bug where splitting time-slots gave inconsistent end-dates Fixed a bug that caused the timepicker to freeze in rare circumstances Fixed availability numbers in Locations screen Fixed department level filtering of available locations and floors Performance and stability improvements Security updates.

Okku 0.15.0

08-June-2021 What’s new User interface improvements for admins: Edit opening hours in a calendar view Split and edit opening hours for multiple rooms in one action Guest reservations are now possible Bug fixes More fixes for degraded performance and timeouts during peak use. Some users received HTTP 502 errors during busy intervals. Repeating reservations failed […]

Okku 0.14.3

26-May-2021 What’s new German language translations added The floors and buildings a user is presented with are now limited by their userpool The map and table view is now immediately updated when others reserve a desk, so users are not looking at stale data Bug fixes Fixes for degraded performance and timeouts during peak use. […]