Artikelen door Robin

Okku 0.14.3

26-May-2021 What’s new German language translations added The floors and buildings a user is presented with are now limited by their userpool The map and table view is now immediately updated when others reserve a desk, so users are not looking at stale data Bug fixes Fixes for degraded performance and timeouts during peak use. […]

Okku 0.14.1

11-May-2021 Bug fixes ongoing reservations could be cancelled, regardless of organisation settings: fixed. Security updates.

Okku 0.14.0

7-May-2021 What’s new UI changes: Locations and Home buttons moved to more logical place. Pop up messages are now displayed at the bottom of the page. The user account screen includes a link to our privacy policy. New user management options for admins: Find a user in the same organisation and add them to your […]

Okku 0.13.3

10-April-2021 What’s new Improved UI for mobile check-in Improved mobile confirmation page Improved mobile my-reservations page Text changes to admin interface Bug fixes Stability fixes for mobile confirmation page Security updates

OKKU 0.13.2

28 March 2021 Bug fixes Users could not select 29th of March after daylight saving time kicked in on the 28th. Fixed.

OKKU 0.13.1

23 March 2021 What’s new Find my colleague feature can be enabled by admins. Anonymisation can now be configured per building to facilitate travel expense reporting. Minor accessibility and user interface improvements: added return, tab and escape keyboard shortcuts to dialogs. Improved map colors. Improvements to increase email reliability. Bug fixes Security upgrades Searching for […]

Okku 0.13.0

28 Feb 2021 What’s new Public building owners can now request a special link that allows users to access their building. Improved the UI for management screens. Configurable web-hooks for integration of reservation data with external systems. Configurable auto-cancel function for users that have not checked in. Configurable reminder function for users that have not […]

Okku 0.12.0

6 Feb 2021 What’s new Email confirmations can now have a ‘From’ name instead of the email address Timeslot hints for customers that want to stagger entry times to a building Coordinators can now check in on users behalf Minor UI improvements to the map: non-reservable desks now include a hover text regular users first […]

Okku 0.11.6

4 Feb 2021 What’s new Improvement to administration screen Bug fixes Bugfix for ‘departmental daily budget’ policy Security upgrades