Artikelen door Robin

Okku 0.8.11

26 October 2020 What’s new UI Fix to make it easier to find ‘My Reservations’. Desks you cannot reserve because of your authorisations are not shown (so appear white). No-show reports based on Salto access system keycard integration. Bug fixes Bug fix for duplicate reservations. At peak times, duplicate reservations occurred. That should be fixed […]

Okku 0.8.9

13 October 2020 What’s new Reservation confirmation emails now contain iCal invitations for easier calendar integration. Bug fixes Reservation reminder emails are not sent for cancelled reservations.

Okku 0.8.8

7 October 2020 What’s new Now you can restrict buildings to multiple departments in an organisation. For example building A1 can be restricted to Finance and HR; all other departments will not see building A1. Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused users browsers to freeze when displaying maps for large buildings when there were […]

Okku 0.8.7

1 October 2020 What’s new Integration option for Salto on-premise access control systems. This allows for no-show detection based on Salto RFID tags. Check reservations across all buildings when validating ‘daily-max’ policy. Previously the ‘daily-max’ policy was validated per building. Bug fixes If a spot was reserved for you by someone else, you were not […]

Okku 0.8.6

15 September 2020 What’s new Auditing of created and cancelled reservations. In our quest to eliminate no-shows, you can now see when a reservation was made and if /when it was cancelled. New reservation policy, based on a weekly budget per department. Bug fixes Security updates. Performance fix for administrator screens. Minor translation fixes.