14 feb 2024


  • Security fixes
  • A function was broken for Okku internal admins: fixed

08 feb 2024

What’s new

  • Admins can now disable Azure synchronisation emails


  • Security fixes
  • Login mechanism upgrade and performance fixes
  • When an admin removed a user, the screen messed up: fixed
  • When importing users, multiple userpools can now be imported
  • When importing users, the department field was ignored; fixed.

23 dec 2023

Security fixes only, No new functionality

15 December 2023


  • Timeslots in admin screen were not visible: fixed

13 december 2023

Bugfixes and performance improvements:

  • Rooms were bookable if a fixed desk was present: fixed
  • Email template variables were broken in admin screen: fixed
  • More efficient user management searches
  • Security updates

22 november 2023


  • Find colleagues was broken in the mobile app for some customers: fixed
  • Bulk importing users required a support request for users that had nog logged in yet: fixed
  • Security fixes

28 October 2023

What’s new:

  • Kiosk functionality for individual floors is now available.


  • maximum reservation duration was not enforced on the server: fixed
  • deleting rooms left the desks as orphans: fixed

20 aug 2023


  • Mobile app did not display all colleagues
  • Security updates

1 nov 2022

What’s new

Minor User interface improvements:

  • Fixed desks were added to the ‘find my colleagues’ screens
  • “my reservations” now includes a history of reservations
  • Reservation subject added to insights->reservations
  • Reservation subject is added to the map / list views for end users (where enabled)
  • Language is now initially set using the browser language
  • The selected floor is remembered when switching screens
  • Dutch translation improvements


  • Fixes to the timepicker arrows and automatic time selection.
  • MS Outlook synchronisation issues fixed.
  • Customer coordinators could not edit desk and room attributes: fixed
  • User search issues in Manage->Users fixed
  • User import took a while to show up in the list of users: fixed
  • Logout did not lead to the configured identity provider: fixed
  • Asset reservation is not sent to asset email address: fixed
  • Security updates

9 sept 2022

What’s new

  • Improved email template editor
  • Improved reports for reservable custom assets (lunches, parking spaces etc)
  • A number of reservable assets can now be specified for reservations. For example 2 parking spaces for a meeting.
  • Outlook synchronisation includes an MS teams link
  • Reservation emails can now automatically include an iCal calendar file.
  • Improved user import function
  • Improved editing of existing reservations


  • Repeating reservations in Outlook that led to email messages about overlaps is now fixed.
  • Customer specific domain was not supported for deeplinks to the my reservations page: fixed.
  • Availability bar UI was shifted by 30 minutes: fixed.
  • Security updates