Okku 0.14.0


What’s new

  • UI changes:
    • Locations and Home buttons moved to more logical place.
    • Pop up messages are now displayed at the bottom of the page.
    • The user account screen includes a link to our privacy policy.
  • New user management options for admins:
    • Find a user in the same organisation and add them to your building
    • Change user account type.
  • Customer definable properties for desks and rooms.
    • Admins can define property names and colors, then associate a property with a room or desk.
    • Filter options for end users.
  • Reservation policy improvements:
    • New reservation policy for Covid19 restrictions: maximum number of simultaneous reservations in a building
    • Room reservations do not count towards desk reservation policy maximum, so users can retain their desk reservation when they reserve a meeting room.
    • Desks in a reservable room are automatically blocked if the room is reserved, and vice versa.
  • Other improvements:
    • If admins choose to allow colleagues to find each others reservations, users can choose to make individual reservations private.
    • Desk names no longer have to be unique in a building as long as they are unique in a room. So each room can have a desk A, B, C and D for example.
    • Option to use either static or dynamic QR codes for check-in. Static QR codes can be printed. Dynamic QR codes are more secure, but have to be shown on an iPad or monitor.

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect availability statistics fixed.
  • Timezone improvements for users making bookings from abroad.
  • Bug fixed where users were not shown in ‘fixed desks’ list.
  • Bug fixed where users with very long names could not be added as a ‘fixed desk’ user.
  • Slow performance and timeouts while searching for users is now solved.
  • Security updates.