Okku 0.9.1

26 November 2020

What’s new
  • A users last name is shown at the bottom of the mobile confirmation page, so you can verify easily against an ID card.
  • Deep links to the ‘My Reservations’ page are now possible from email confirmations and/or websites.
  • The planned absences menu item is only shown for users with a fixed desk.
  • QR code based check in flow. You can now display a time based QR code on a monitor or iPad. Users check in using the QR code, so you can tackle no-shows.
Bug fixes
  • In some cases the user could select a date far beyond the policy settings, only to get an error message when trying to reserve for that date. In this release the bug is fixed that the user can select a date beyond the policy settings.
  • Security updates.
  • Stability fixes, improved error handling