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Use of the system

Go to dashboard.okku.io or to the company specific URL: [organization].okku.io. Click the login button. Depending on the url you use you will be send to the single-sign on provider of your organization.

If you use a corporate single-sign on solution, you organization will provide you with an account. If you are a guest to an organization, please ask your contactperson what their policy is. If needed we can create a temporary account for you.

By default the system shows available spots in the nearest timeslot. To select a different timeslot please click the time-picker.

We only show you availability of desks that you have access to. If you think that you should have access, please ask you contactperson.

First select the moment that you would like to reserve a spot for by clicking on the time-picker. From the list view you click the reserve button. In map view, please select a green desk and then press reserve.

On top of the screen, or in the menu on smaller screens click the “My reservations” button.

Hover over the desks to see who reserved a desk. You can also search in list view.

Some organization enabled the “find colleagues” module. If this is enable you will find it in the menu or on top of the screen.

You only see the spots available to your department or role.

For security reasons we terminate inactive sessions after a certain period. Furthermore we process a lot of reservations. Your browser might need a refresh after a while. If that does not work, please login again.

Some organizations equipped their work spots with sensors. These are lite white boxes underneath the desks that register occupancy and some climate variables such as light, humidity, or temperature. Your organization could decide to release a desk if the reservation turns out to be a no-show for a certain period.

Managing the system

If you have the proper role, please select the “manage” tab on top of the screen.

You need to save the changes. The button is at the bottom of the page (you can also hit enter in any textfield).

Go to “manage”, then the first tab “reservations”

Go to “manage” –> “assets” –> “desks”

from the dropdown select a regular user. Make sure to save the changes.

Go to “Manage” –> “fixed desks”

All users with a fixed desks will show up here. You can add absences if someone goes on holiday, or just works part-time. The desks will become available during the absence periods.

Please contact support@okku.io

Please let us know what you think could be improved and why.


In some organizations we use sensor data to determine the realtime occupancy and display it on a map. We also create reports for operational and facility needs. If you would like to know how we use sensor data in your organization, please contact us.

If all sensors face the same problem it most likely has to deal with the LoRa connection. Please contact us and we will figure out how to reset the network.

Please send us an email with a picture of your sensor at support@okku.io.

Other question?

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